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Next Generation Call Recording

Network Level Call Recording with Advanced InterfaceLong Term / Unlimited Managed Storage SolutionNo Capital Outlay / Pay-as-you-go Service
The leading network-level call recording solution

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Call Reviewer from Performance Telecom, is set to become the market leading hosted call recording solution. Hosted on a leading Tier 1 network platform, Call Reviewer enables inbound calls to be recorded and stored for a pre-defined period of time.

All calls on a specific inbound number can be recorded and stored from a short period of time to an unlimited duration. Alternatively, lines can be set up for mid-call recording, when an agent presses a certain key to start recording the call.

The solution is fully scaleable, offering a single unified call recording and storage solution capable of providing large scale recording services across multi-site locations, including home workers.

Advanced Web Based Interface

Call Reviewer has a highly advanced web-based interface with multiple login profiles and access rights hierarchy. Authorised users can quickly search for and retrieve recorded calls using a range of criteria, including Agent level search.

The control panel is the only network level call recording solution designed to enable users to monitor agent performance and score against a fully customisable set of criteria. The call detail, scores and comments can then all be printed out hard copy or saved and forwarded on as soft copy.

Our powerful reporting package allows users to track agent performance over time, compare specific agents scores with other agents or group averages and plot changes / make comparisons month on month and even year on year.

Unique Call Classification System

Within Call Reviewer a number of call classifications or 'Tags' can be set up, allowing each call to be classified as a certain type of call. These tags can then be used to search for a type of call or indeed user profiles can be set up which only allow access to specifically tagged calls.

Full Transaction History

Our advance security system means record updates and actions are stored in a Transaction Log providing a full history of which user played, scored, deleted a recording with a date and time stamp. All recording data is safe and secure, with automatic network back up.

Fully Managed, Fully Secure Storage

Call Reviewer offers a fully managed, fully secure call recording and long term storage solution that ensures that your organisation is compliant Data Protection and Financial Services Authority regulations to protect sensitive information.

Pay-As-You-Go Service

With no capital outlay and a pay-as-you-go service, Call Reviewer enables you to only pay for what you use and rapidly scale to reflect your own traffic patterns. In addition, there are no maintenance costs and you will receive free product updates for the life of the service.

Bespoke Requirements ?

We have also set up Call Reviewer with bespoke requirements in mind. Whether you want a different look and feel to the interface,need bespoke reporting or want to compliment a PT customer satisfaction survey, Call Reviewer can be customised to your specific needs. 

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